Mini Trash Cans - Clean Cubes Conquers Small Spaces


Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better. Everyone doesn’t have a big home with spacious rooms that require elaborate décor and, not to mention, large, obtrusive trash cans. Guests won’t care to remember how small your bathroom is when it’s clean, tidy, and outfitted with just the right necessities. Clean Cubes Mini trash cans do just that – transforming your small space into a huge convenience. 

Clean Cubes Mini trash cans are disposable, recyclable 4-gallon trash bins used in the baby's room, kid's room, powder room, laundry room, even boats – any small space imaginable. And they’re easy to use, too. Simply unfold the mini trash can cube. Once filled, close the drawstring, then dispose of the entire cube. They’re ideal for urgent spills, soiled diapers, discarding paper, any general use – Clean Cubes Mini trash cans leave plenty of room in your small space while getting the job done!

Conquer your small spaces with Clean Cubes Mini trash cans. Get your supply today at!