Graduation Party Trash Cans - Clean Cubes: The Educated Choice for Managing Trash at Graduation Parties


When your son, daughter or grandchild graduates from high school or college, you have a lot to celebrate and be proud of. And if you’re hosting the graduation reception, you want to make it as special as possible, yet simple enough that you have time to mingle with guests and savor the moment. You don’t want to get bogged down in the details of party hosting.


Certainly the least glamorous detail is managing the trash. But there’s no escaping it, not even when celebrating academic achievement.


But how can you make handling graduation reception trash a less onerous task and manage all the cake plates, napkins, forks, cups, and whatever else with the finesse befitting the graduate?


The answer is Clean Cubes.


Clean Cubes are a new, simple-to-use, smart solution for managing trash at special events – and for everyday use. They’re disposable trash receptacles, attractively designed so they blend in nicely – unlike typical trash containers.


And they’re a truly wise choice, because Clean Cubes are made of 100 percent recyclable, biodegradable materials.


When the reception is over, they simplify cleanup. Inside their attractive exterior, Clean Cubes feature a strong plastic trash bag and drawstring. You simply cinch and tie the drawstring, and Clean Cubes are ready to dispose of. They also can be used for collecting recyclables.


It’s time to graduate from messy, smelly trash containers for the special occasions of your life and order Clean Cubes, available at