Game Room Trash Can - Clean Cubes: The Perfect Game Changer in the Rec Room


The recreation room is one of the most lived in rooms of a house. It’s where families enjoy quality time together, to play board or video games, table games like pool or ping pong or watch movies.


And the rec room is a common place for snacking while engaging in the aforementioned activities.


For this reason, rec rooms often become littered with empty chip bags, beverage bottles and cans, and other trash.  This makes the rec room an ideal place for Clean Cubes, disposable, biodegradable trash receptacles that are simple to set up, wherever trash and recyclables tend to pile up.


Keep one in the rec room for trash and another for collecting recyclable drink bottles and cans. Clean Cubes help you keep the rec room neat and save you from having to make repeated trips to waste receptacles in other rooms.


The attractive, clean design of Clean Cubes’ outer packaging allows them to blend in anywhere in the house. They set up easily, so you can always keep them within convenient reach, wherever you want to keep order.


About as easily as they set up, they can be quickly disposed of when full. Inside each Clean Cubes receptacle is a sturdy drawstring trash bag. When the bag is full, just cinch and tie the drawstring, carry it to the trash and put up a new Clean Cubes.


They’re the perfect solution for everyday use anywhere in the house, as well as for parties, special events, picnics and camping trips – anywhere and any occasion that calls for a simple cleanup solution. Be prepared and order Clean Cubes today at