Clean Cubes featured in Tailgater Magazine, January/February 2014 Issue!


Are you ready for game day? It’s time for tailgating. Get those burgers on the grill, chips and dip, pick your team, and party! But don’t choose the losing side or you’re liable to lose friends. I’ll let you in on a secret: you can’t lose if you bring Clean Cubes along. Just pop the sturdy, disposable trash bins open, fill them up, and toss in the trash when done. No matter the score at the end of the game, Clean Cubes makes a touchdown every time.


Tailgater Magazine agrees, naming Clean Cubes a must-have in the gadgets and gear round-up in their January/February 2014 issue (Item #6). Congratulations Clean Cubes, you did it again!  For more tailgating tips, visit, and pick up your supply of Clean Cubes at