Camping Trash Can - Clean Cubes: Clearing the Air for Happy Campers


Ahhh, camping.... Cooking over a fire, hiking, ghost stories and stargazing at night, swimming or fishing, breathing in the fresh pine scent of the woods…. And then, there’s the encroaching odor of overflowing trash cans.  


On your next camping trip, be sure to bring along Clean Cubes.  Clean Cubes are a breath of fresh air for campers. They allow you to distance yourself from smelly campground trash cans and put you in charge of your campsite’s waste management.


Clean Cubes are disposable trash receptacles that you easily set up at your campsite or in your camper for quick, convenient cleanup after cookouts and meals. And they’re a smart choice for nature lovers like you, because they’re made of 100 percent recyclable, biodegradable materials.


They feature attractive exterior packaging and, on the inside, a rugged trash bag with tear-resistant drawstring. When you fill your Clean Cubes with trash, you simply cinch the drawstring and march the whole unit to the campground dumpster.


And there, inside the tough Clean Cubes bag, your trash is securely contained, not leaving a lingering odor, nor attracting hungry critters to your campsite.


You can also use Clean Cubes to dispose of recyclables, like cans and bottles, which you can empty into the campground’s recycling receptacles or take with you to recycle at home.


So, next time you decide to get away from it all, bring along Clean Cubes, available at You’ll breathe easier as you enjoy the aromas of nature and good, campground cooking.